Past Shows
An Interactive Theatre Experience Set in a Dystopian Future
In the future, an oppressive group called the Authority has banned the telling of all stories, written or verbal, creating a storytelling black market. A group of freedom fighters, played by the audience, must work together, trading stories to gain resources needed to overthrow the Authority. Part scripted theatre, part improv, part live-action holodeck, “An Interactive Theatre Experience Set in a Dystopian Future” is an experiment in the simplest sense: trying something to see what happens.

Directed by Sam Provenzano and Royce Roeswood
Created and Performed by Keylee Anderson, Jessica Enright, Ann Flynn-Terell, Rachel Gallagher, Alliene Gunn, Jesse Lee Pacheco, Sam Provenzano, Keith Rains, Royce Roeswood, Rob Rosenthal, Rick Rothenberg, Misty Saribal, and Cody Poirot
Set Dressing by Jeremy Turner
Lighting Design by Dana Nelson
Costumes by Alliene Gunn
Video by JD Lopez
Postcard Design by Shayna McCartney
Photo by Travis Gunn